Ending theme

Yeah, the time has come to say good bye: the story of Wendigo has ended.

We have started in 2004, forming the band on the ashes of three other groups. Our plan was to keep the unique sounds of those bands but also to combine them in this new band, and spice them with the newest styles and influences.

Many people have told us from the beginning: it's gonna be a tough job. We've been living in three distant cities, later it became four, with the arrival of drummer Crow (Attila Varjú). The distance was the first stab in Wendigo's back, but we have felt that the fanatism, the love of music will be enough to overcome the problems.

We have released a "life sign", Reconnecting... EP in 2004, and two years later, our debut album, Let It Out appeared in the stores. We are still proud of the CD, which brought us many signs of professional success. This self-financed album gained the attention of the fans, but also the media's response was absolutely positive. After many great reviews from magazines and webzines, we have been awarded to the Eurovision contest at the Fonogram Awards in 2007. Also, we have made excellent results on Hungarian Metal Awards - a contest by Hungarian rock and metal magazines and webzines. We have won the Best Debut category and we were also in the top three for the Best Metal Album.

Okay, all of these sound great, but... It's a fact that less and less "real" CDs are being sold year by year, the labels absolutely don't support the underground, and the possibilities for live performances are harder every day - and in Hungary, all of these problems are much worse. So, we've had a quality album, many positive reviews and awards, but very low sales, rare concerts and hope was further away. Also, there were people, who have promised things, said "clever ideas", but in the end, they have taken even more than they could give.

Anyway, we have started writing this new album in the beginning of 2007. Knowing all the problems and negative factors, we still tried to stay with our principles: making only high-quality music, using the maximum of what we could input. We knew that we won't have any better hopes with the financing, finding labels... We have paid all the expenses, put all of our energies in the project, without a word.

Crow was the first to break - because of the stress of his other problems and circumstances, he quit the band in the beginning of 2008. To replace him, we have found Béci (Béla Gábor) after long months of searching. It was the last time when we have thought, things could turn and we could overcome all the sh*t, but it was too late. Nothing could stop the events that started with some members - losing motivation, getting numb, draining all of their energies...

We only knew one thing: we WANT to complete the new album. We thought, that the new songs are worth to be recorded, and we have to show the wider spectrum of styles and feelings. So, because now it's clear, that the inactivity of the band, together with today's broken music business, won't make us any record contracts. So, we have decided to make this new album available for download, completely for free. You can read more about it under the "download the album" section.

Okay, let's talk about the future now. Not about Wendigo's future... It's as uncertain as it can be. We don't use the phrase "it's all over", because it's also not true. The case is: some of us can't do this Wendigo thing now, and who knows, if they will be able to do it any time in the future.

But there are members who still have things to tell with music. Singer BZ, guitarist Jozzy and former drummer Crow has a new band now, called PHOENIX FILES (www.phoenixfiles.hu). Jozzy and Crow is also involved in an experimental project called STRING THEORY. BZ have started his new website (www.bzmusic.hu) with news, tourdates and other info on all of his bands and projects. If anything will unfold about other Wendigo-related new bands and projects, we will let you know about it right here.

Thank you for everything! Keep on listening to our new and old albums, come to the concerts of the new bands and projects and keep on rockin'!

BZ, Kozi, Jozzy, Rob & Béci