This website is for a strange purpose... We have happy and also sad news to tell you. Here, in the main page, you can find the brief facts, and you can browse the menu for details.


Okay, let us get this straight with the sad part: Wendigo, as a band is shutting down for now - for a while or forever... we don't know. The list of reasons is really long, so we have a separate page for this, if you are interested, you can read the whole story by clicking the "statement" link above.


But let's just tell you the good news too, and we hope, it will please you all. We have prepared, written and recorded a great album, and we have named it AUDIO LEASH. We really think, it is our best, so we have made a decision:
YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE WHOLE ALBUM FOR FREE! Check the "download the album" section for details, to get a full package of the songs, lyrics and artworks.

Thank you for your interest, your spirit to carry on listening to our music, the memories when you were banging your heads on our concerts and sang our songs. We will meet again for sure - in other bands and projects, that you will find at the end of the statement.

And later on, maybe, somewhere, sometimes...

Take care:

BZ, Kozi, Jozzy, Rob & Béci